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Business Activity
Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix is a world-leading supplier of test, measurement, and monitoring technology. Trading in over 20 countries, Tektronix addresses the communications, computer, and semiconductor industries as well as military/aerospace, consumer electronics, and education markets.
The Challenge
As a long-term Oracle user, Tektronix had invested heavily in business critical customizations around Intercompany, shared service functionality, and integration of the third-party service product, OpenUPTIME.

For Tektronix, the challenge was to extend the functionality of its adopted solution to accommodate further acquisitions while also allowing it to upgrade to the latest Oracle release without incurring the risk and cost of further customizations.
The Solution
The Virtual Trader Intercompany Engine was selected to replace Tektronix intercompany and shared service customizations. The ability of the Virtual Trader solution to operate across multiple instances also made it possible for Tektronix to resolve integration issues presented by its OpenUPTIME solution.

After the successful deployment of the Virtual Trader solution, Tektronix found the flexibility of the rule-based approach extremely beneficial in supporting the development of new solutions required by ongoing business change.