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Business Activity
Based in Framingham MA, AB SCIEX is a global leader in the manufacture and development of Mass Spectrometry instruments with over 25 years of proven innovation. AB SCIEX is a trusted partner to thousands of scientists and lab analysts worldwide who focus on basic research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics, and clinical research.
The Challenge
AB SCIEX embarked upon a global implementation of R12 Oracle Financials in order to standardize its technical infrastructure and maximize efficiency for the 44 legal entities served by its Shared Service Center.

The challenge for AB SCIEX was to employ a minimal number of Oracle Multi-org structures (e.g., operating units, ledgers, and asset books) while still maintaining financial integrity across the system.
The Solution
AB SCIEX implemented Oracle R12 with a single shared ledger per geographic region. It deployed the Virtual Trader Intercompany Engine to populate local currency ledgers at specified exchange rates and ensure flexible local currency statutory reporting. The Virtual Trader solution was also used to break out the accounting of standard cost from profit on intercompany transactions.

Having discovered the flexibility of the Virtual Trader solution, AB SCIEX expanded the scope of the original project to include deferred revenue recognition and integration with Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany (AGIS) transactions.