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Business Activity
Flowserve is a leading player in the manufacture of flow management products and services. Based in Texas, it employs 15,000+ people in over 50 countries. Flowserve’s solutions help move, control, and protect the flow of materials in critical industries around the world.
The Challenge
Flowserve supplies spare parts for its products from several sites across EMEA. The logistics of this activity are extremely complex, involving many intra-company transactions while managing dynamically changing requirements across three production Oracle E-Business Suite systems.

Flowserve hoped to automate the process of dynamically changing requirements in the supply chain while avoiding the risks and expense associated with customization. Such functionality is unsupported as standard through internal Requisitions & Sales Orders.
The Solution
Flowserve opted for standard Oracle E-Business Suite Purchase and Sales Orders in conjunction with the Virtual Trader Intercompany Engine. This resulted in an automated 'link' between demand and supply and created an internal supply chain able to respond to changing requirements.

Where supporting reference information was required, such as suppliers and addresses, Virtual Trader was used to automatically drive the standard Oracle API to dynamically create the entries in Oracle, as required.