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Business Activity
The Xerox Office Group is a leading supplier in the global office automation market place, operating in over 26 countries around the world.
The Challenge
As part of a corporate Oracle upgrade, Xerox Office Group needed to replace extensive customizations to support its advanced shared service operation and the integration of a third-party service solution, OpenUPTIME.

Despite the many business advantages afforded by its customizations, Xerox Office Group considered returning to a standard model to reduce upgrade costs, timescales, and project risks. The challenge was to identify a proven solution that offered the required functionality without incurring the risks associated with continued customization.
The Solution
The Xerox Office Group successfully implemented the Virtual Trader Engine as a full replacement for functionality provided by its former customizations. Xerox now runs 54 companies through two service centers, including fully automated multi-tier Commissionaire and Buy/Sell sales models.

The Virtual Trader Engine also provides the complete integration of OpenUPTIME into both Receivables and General Ledger.

During implementation, a major change was made to Xerox's European organizational structure. However, the "rule based" approach used by VT was able to avoid any major impact, and the project went live on schedule.