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Business Activity
Global market-leading manufacturer and distributor of home and enterprise computer solutions, based in Texas, USA
The Challenge
Our client had been operating Oracle AGIS for some time to account for Intercompany transactions between its multiple legal entities but was struggling to provide timely reconciliation and analysis of due to / due from balances. This impacted its ability to report accurate aged balances and assess Intercompany cash settlements each month. Additionally, cash movements made in its non-Oracle treasury system needed to be manually reflected in AGIS, causing a timing delay that further complicated the challenge of seeing an accurate, real-time Intercompany balance.
The Solution
The client implemented the VT IC Engine to process all entries made in AGIS and used the VT Intercompany Subledger module (ICS) to be the repository for all Intercompany due from / due to balances. The central feature of ICS, tracking all transactions as open or closed by accounting date, allowed for its non-Oracle treasury system to be integrated directly with VT ICS to apply cash settlements automatically to the oldest open balances. Consequently, this allowed the business to access accurate, aged balances as required.

This extra visibility brought key benefits to both the Intercompany finance team and the treasury team when making settlement decisions.

By integrating VT ICS with AGIS, the disruption to the existing business processes was minimized while still leveraging all of the key benefits of the Virtual Trader solution.