Customs, Shipping & Real Time

Although the Virtual Trader IC Engine is operated in a standard concurrent mode for the efficient processing of large scale transaction volumes, the Real-Time Engine is an optional component of the product set, which processes transactions on demand.

This optional component offers much of the functionality of the main IC Engine, but operates in real time, to support time critical requirements such as picking and shipping activities.

The most common application for the real time engine is for commercial invoices and customs processing. These applications can have many of the requirements of inter-company activity, with the need to evaluate transfer price, which on multi-stage deliveries can be different on each tier.

The real time engine can be ‘called’ for a specific transaction from a form, concurrent job or custom application. The results are reported to the calling application.

The real time engine can be used in a number of ways. At its most simple it can be used to only evaluate a price, with all the functionality described within the Transfer Pricing section. However it is also capable of evaluating many aspects of the delivery process such as importer of record for example, and either using the Virtual Trader Multi-Lingual Document facility to create the final external document, or create an interface record to a third party freight forwarding system.