*New: Mergers and Acquisitions are an important part of modern business. For an IT department this most likely brings its own system integration problems. To help, we have introduced a new Data Translations feature that lets you simply and quickly take data from one system, match the data translations with fixed or dynamic data and pass the translated data into a target table or call a public API. This saves time and expense for your IT department by removing the need to write complex custom applications that may have a short life. This new exciting feature is available in VT272.
Pricing Types have been introduced to give the ability to calcuate many prices for one assignment. You can calculated the IC price at the same time as the Transfer Price using different criteria. This is available in VT272 patch 004
The Account Code Cross validation functionality has been expanded to allow selective checking depending on the Transaction Rule. This increases performance over the older technique as it means that checks don't need to be performed on low risk account codes
The new Business Acceptance Rules source is available in VT272 patch 002. This new source allows centralized business order control processes from different systems using web service technology.
The new Business Acceptance Rules source is in beta test.
The upgrade to VT272 is on general release. Please speak to our customer support team for upgrade details