Virtual Trader Overview

Where ERP systems do not provide the necessary functionality, organizations have to choose between manual solutions, changing business practice or customizations. Virtual Trader is a proven alternative that can provide additional functionality, without needing to customize.

Virtual Trader integrates seamlessly with Oracle e-Business, and simply appears as another module within the application, with all the same ‘look and feel’. Virtual Trader is independent of the version of Oracle e-Business being used, and can be hosted by both 11i and R12.

Initially developed to assist with inter-company and custom accounting activities, Virtual Trader interacts with transactions either within the host Oracle application, or interfaced from other systems. Processing rules are used to introduce changes to the original transaction such as updating transfer prices, or create new related transactions such as creating single or multi-tier inter-company activity from a trade transaction.

Virtual Trader Overview

New or updated transactions are introduced into the target system through an appropriate standard interface. This is typically an Oracle interface, though Virtual Trader has the capabilities to map transactions into any interface, such as custom applications or non Oracle applications.

What makes Virtual Trader unique is that it uses a common approach that can be deployed against any transaction source and target, either within Oracle or any other connected system.

This makes it the ideal solution for processing and accounting ‘gaps’ within an organization's operational activities, and as a systems integrator where multiple systems are necessary.